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AMMAR Company

Who are we & what do we do?

Ammar Company represents trust. The Company’s staff consists of engineers, designers, and specialists in manufacturing sector who are working to present the best for you. We are serving nutritional, medical, and chemical domains. Moreover, machines in Ammar Company are developed to reach the highest level according to international standards.


A special thanks

Ammar Machinery Company would not have been successful without an amazing team of experts, engineers, and other dedicated staff members.
Our team have received frequent professional training throughout the year to provide the best services possible.

Company advantages

what makes us better?

  1. Fast Implementation of all machines' order (some orders take one week only).
  2. Up to date with new technologies.
  3. Special customer care services.
  4. Five years warranty for all machines.
  5. Simplifying chocolate industry.
  6. Our machines are developed to reach international standards.
  7. Ability to maintain the machines via the Internet.

Why choose us?

Simply for the experience

By choosing our company, Ammar Machinery, a half century of ancestral and parental experience will be brought to you by a professional team of engineers and experts who will offer you the most up-to-date technology in the world.

Satisfaction of our clients has always been our top priority and that’s why we keep following up with the client through all stages; introduction and explanation, sales, installation, and after-sale services. Our competent team shall make sure that your expectation is successfully met

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