AMMAR Industry & Development

After a long journey of work, experience and continuous learning from the challenges we have faced since our start in addition to the application of international quality and safety standards, our company has reached a level of proficiency that we are proud of. We always aim for the best and will never stop aiming for higher aspirations to be able to compete and succeed in the international market with a nonstop journey on the path of development. Here follows some the certifications we received that shows our compliance with the requirements of international standards.

CE Certificate of Conformity: It certifies that the product manufacturing of food, chemical, cosmetic, medical, industrial, machinery and engineering consultation at Ammar for Industry and Development is compliant with the requirements on European standards.

ISO 9001: It’s an international certification which proves that our Quality Management System meets the standards of International Organization for Standardization in food, chemical, cosmetic, medical, industrial, and engineering manufacturing fields.

UL Certificate of Compliance: Shoes that Ammar for Industry and Development’s machinery and its manufactured products have proved to be compliant with the requirements of the standards applied in U.S. and Canada.

All certifications has been granted by International Quality Services (IQS) which is an independent fully accredited third party organization that provides certification of quality management systems, environmental management systems, food safety management systems, and Safety Management systems around the world.

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