CNC Manufacturing

Mechanism and benefits

CSC technology use started in the seventies of the last century. Its mechanism has developed and many new features and complicated divergences have recently emerged. Most of the industries nowadays include CNC, which has become an alternative for many manual manufacturing procedures.

What is CNC

Get to know it better

“CNC” stands for Computer Numeric Control, which is sometimes called CN Programming, is a technique that is used to operate a machine that is controlled by a computer. This ‘software’ is used for cutting, drilling, and designing hard materials. Plastic, wood, metals and even rocks are materials that are usually shaped and designed and decorated by CNC machines these days.

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Get to know the Process

After designing the desired shape using one of the Computer Aided Design, an industrial drawing software, the computer decodes the drawing into three numerical dimensions X,Y, and Z or X, Y, Z, & U for more complex shapes and converts them to the mechanical movement commands for the machine.

The machine immediately cuts precisely and manufacture detailed and accurate work that can be adjusted and executed very quickly compared to manual traditional crafting

History of the Technology

Dealing with complicated shapes

CNC technology has led to a revolution in the field of industry that elevated the craftsmanship to a level that could never be reached by handwork, especially when dealing with complicated shapes and tiny precise items. Actually, in order to imagine the huge difference made by this innovation, we may compare two cases as an example. In the first case, there is a professional craftsman in his manual metal workshop. He will be using his hands to saw and move the electric saws and cutters, in the best scenario, to manufacture a small metal tool. In addition to the huge effort and very long time to carry out the task required, there might be a great risk while using these materials which might cause many serious injuries during this dangerous work.

The efforts might not even be fruitful at the end and it may not succeed from the first time. This will increases the final cost and might lead to inaccurate estimation of the quantities and the expected finishing time of the manufacturing process. On the other hand, in the second case, there is almost no risk where precise, pre-programmed, timed, and accurate digital coded software are tested and proven to be successful. In the latter case, the quantity of the items to be manufactured shall be calculated per hour, day, or even for one whole year. Cutting and cutting basic material in three dimensions from more than one axis and simultaneously cuts a lot of time and saves energy, effort and thinking at the same time.

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How does it work?

steps and efficiency

The CNC machine, controlled by a computer, shall do the drilling, decoration, cutting and designing the raw material from three dimensions at the same time and will absolutely save a lot of time, energy and effort.

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Ammar Company provides three axis CNC services of various types for small and medium projects, whether you need one piece or a large number of items and we can guarantee the quality and accuracy of work and the delivery on time for sure.

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