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Ammar for Industry and Development has always been keen to seize any possible opportunity to reach clients and to answer the questions of those interested by introducing them to the company’s products and services. That was our main motive to participate in various local and international exhibitions.
Our Company has participated in many exhibitions in Syria in an earlier period. SIMA Exhibition was the most important one, which was an industrial exhibition at Damascus International Fair. The industrial exhibition included seminars on introduction of different products, industrial and technological developments in the field of chocolate wrapping, fields of work and manufacturing specialty, and the services offered to our clients.
On the International level, we have participated in the “world's largest annual food and beverages trade exhibition”, where thousands of companies from around the world participate in. It takes place every year at the Dubai World Trade Centre. We had the opportunity to participate in the Galfood Dubai Festivals in 2017 and in the 2018 version. Our participation included an introduction of Ammar's products and services, and partnering up with new manufacturers, producers and market leaders. We are planning to participate, during the coming period, in several regional and international exhibitions in order to gain more knowledge and experience, expand our services, and learn about the latest technologies and methods used in the Arab and international markets.
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