Frequently asked Questions

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General Questions
  1. What certificates do you have?

    We believe that our staff is our greatest asset and we are committed to the on-going training and up skilling of our team. We pride ourselves on the professional manner in which each project is managed.

    • ISO
    • CE
    • UL
  2. What are the payment methods available?

    We have three payment methods:

    • Cash
    • Bank Transfer
    • L/C
  3. what shipping options are available?

    All types of shipping methods (By land, by sea, airborne)

  4. How long does it take to process the order (machines)?

    An average of forty-five (45) days.

  5. What countries can your products be shipped to?

    We ship to every contry.

About the machines
  1. What are the warranty conditions for the machines?

    • All machines at Ammar Company for Industry and Development are guaranteed for five years.

    • Our company guarantees the free maintenance of this machine against all manufacturing faults throughout the warranty period from the date of delivery. This also includes replacing the damaged parts for free.

    • This warranty excludes malfunctions resulting from misuse or sudden power changes.

  2. Do you have technical support? And how can we get in touch?

    Ammar's team is ready to meet your requests and solve your problems during all days of the week. Questions are answered by email, WhatsApp or direct contact.

  3. How are machines installed after receipt?

    All machines are equipped with a detailed manual (printed and electronic) explaining the process of installing the parts at the first use of the machine. Installation of machines does not require experience. Any technician can easily installed machines.

  4. What spare parts are included with the machines?

    • Through the experience of performance and use of the machine in more than 40 factories, it does not require replacing any parts within the first two years. The machine comes with several pieces that can wear with repeated use for more than two years. These pieces include: conveyor belts, rubber bands, paper-cutting blades, and parts that are prone to breakage.

    • Note that all damaged parts are replaced free of charge during the warranty period. The switch includes shipping at the expense of Ammar for Industry and Development.

About W-CH200 Wrapping machine
  1. What are the advantages of the machine that distinguishes it from the other machine?

    • Easy and simple to operate.
    • Control by touch screen.
    • Quick switching of molds (less than 6 minutes).
    • More quiet sound.
    • Competitive price compared to speed and quality.
  2. How many optional mold each machine has?

    Each chocolate wrapping machine is equipped with three basic optional molds. Additional molds can be ordered for the machine.

  3. Does mold replacement require experience?

    To make the chocolate Wrapping process quick and easy, we developed the machine with making the the process of replacing its parts in mind to make the process fast and dosn't require experience. In less than 5 minutes anyone can switch the mold to wrap any other shape or size.

  4. Can additional molds be ordered?

    Sure, any additional mold can be made. The machine can store 12 molds.

  5. Do you have a large chocolate packaging machine (bar)?

    Yes, it is possible to make a special machine for wrapping large chocolate.

    We have developed many European machines for wrapping large chocolate. We are developing our own machine to wrap all sizes of chocolate at high speeds.

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