Development & steps

Development is an essential part of our work which is as important as manufacturing. That’s why we developed an integrated plan to design several types of electronic workshops that we modify and develop their parts and contents on regular basis.

testing & evaluating prototypes

Checking the product

During our following the international market and the latest innovations and applications and when trying an electronic piece, for example, we usually create prototypes of anything that meets the local market needs. These prototypes are subject to trying and simulations. Samples are also submitted for testing and evaluation. The prototypes are also available for the observations of users, experts and designers who collect and document their findings in order to achieve the best results and avoid the negative malfunction and failure of the product before its final approval.

parallax background

research & steps

Choosing the best solution

When manufacturing with the aim of maintaining an electronic or mechanical piece, we follow complicated systematic procedures that go through eleven steps to reach the ideal solution, including identifying the problem, searching for solutions proposed in the specialized sources and references, choosing the best solution, manufacturing the necessary piece and testing the solution, getting the feedback to the method used, studying its effectiveness and durability, and finally comes the adoption of the solution as a sustainable method of the problem. After the completion of all the previous steps and stages, we reach the phase of installation and solving the problem. At Ammar, we use many advanced applications and programs to draw electronic circuits, diagrams, and 3D graphics to reach the desired suitable solution. Eventually, we save the applied plan and save it in our archive for the future.

Sensors & their types

What are they & what do they do?

Among the various disciplines and areas in which we operate, sensors industry is one of the most important areas that we have specialized in. Here you are a simple explanation of sensors and their types:

Sensors are complicated devices often used to detect and respond to a signal, a light, electrical wave, movement, or to change in the surrounding. The sensor converts this change into an electronic measurable signal. It is true that the use of sensors, after their invention in the 1950s by Samuel Bagno, was only used in alarm systems but it exists in almost all industrial fields these days due to the industrial and technological development. Fire and smoke detectors, pressure, sound, infrared, touch sensor, touch screens of smart homes, industrial and medical fields are a few examples where sensors are usually used nowadays. It might be interesting to know that the average number of sensors per a modern vehicle manufactured today ranges from 60 to 100 different sensors with multiple tasks. The smarter and more modern the vehicle is, the more sensors to be manufactured and used in it.

Doing it the right way

Steps & Process

For its importance, our company manufactures several types of sensors and covers a wide range of areas of its work. We follow the same practical procedures used in manufacturing other machines. We research the need for them, the weaknesses and their strengths of available similar products in the market, so that we can work on developing the strengths and avoid the malfunctions. We design and manufacture prototypes, test them, modify and develop them after receiving consumer evaluations and results by our specialists, and ensure their success and full effectiveness before they are launched on the local and international markets
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