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what does it aim for?

Scientific research in mechanical engineering aims to develop work in the industrial field to stay updated with the latest scientific innovations. Since we, at Ammar, are specialists in development and research in addition to our work in the field of industrial manufacturing, we have realized that continuous development is a must to stay among the pioneers of this field. Therefore, a team of research and design specialists was established.

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How it's done

The research team follows up on important global industrial theories and applications, analyzes the design and manufacturing methodologies of the latest innovations within the market and examines the objectives of additions and new updates of the machine.
The research and design team manufactures a prototype of new innovation and its experience and examines the possibility of utilizing it and applying and developing the new feature in other machines..

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Study & follow up

The research team members also study, follow-up and implement some scientific projects for university students, researchers and business owners who need concrete means and proper industrial equipment and tools to apply an idea or experimental modification of a machine. Ammar company team are always ready to help, whether the project is for academic research, industrial development or for the practical application of a new innovation.

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Expertise in the field

Our company has benefited greatly from the efforts of scientific research teams and helped us to find innovative solutions to the problems facing us in the field of manufacturing by analyzing the problem and proposing possible solutions based on the scientific methods proven by our previous experiments. This experience, of course, comes after implementing tests on prototypes and other pieces that were previously manufactured, tested, and modified.

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