Refurbishing machines

avoiding malfunction

Industrial machinery, including chocolate packaging machines, need regular maintenance and continual follow-up to avoid malfunction and failure that may result in loss of profit and delays in the submission time of the required quantities. The maintenance department is an essential need in this industry. ‘Repair and rebuilding’ is an urgent necessity, whether to maintain our machines’ errors while following our direct customers, or to serve other customers who have purchased machines and tools from other sources.

Maintenance advise

maintaining the machines

Due to the importance of maintenance, here you are some advice for the ones interested in maintaining their machines and saving their resources:

  • Offer continuous training for your new staff members on the use of the machines and continue providing training for the experienced employees. If someone leaves, other workers will more likely be able to avoid mistakes that might lead to machine failure.
  • Add the necessary oil and lubrication on regular basis, check the speed of their consumption, and be careful if they’re turning into an unusual thick substance.
  • Keep the machine dry and clean in a good place away from any effects that may ruin the pieces such as direct sun, high humidity or dust
  • Set a schedule for periodic inspection of the machine and keep records and maintenance history for future follow-up, especially for moving parts that need oils and lubrication or those that need frequent switching due to continuous wear such as rubber or springs, etc
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experience at repairing machines

long experience in the field

As a result of our long experience in the field of repair and rebuilding, we have gained great success despite the challenges in the chocolate and sugar wrapping industry for several reasons. The first one is the large number of machines produced by various international and local companies that we have repaired, which showed us the weaknesses and disadvantages of each. Over two decades, we have also found strengths, which enabled us to seize the opportunity and benefit from this experience while manufacturing our own machines at our company. In our machines, we integrated the advantages and strengths of all machines we repaired and avoided the weaknesses and malfunctions of these machines. We’ve also replaced parts and pieces that are usually easily-damaged with more durable and effective alternatives to make sure that our machines shall be long-lasting and efficient.

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